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Our mission:

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® (CVMA®) is an Association of Combat Veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who ride motorcycles as a hobby. As a registered 501(c)(19) veterans’ charity, our mission is to support and protect those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Our focus is to provide assistance and help to individual veterans, veteran care facilities, other veteran organizations and registered charities. We sponsor and participate in many veteran-related motorcycle (and other) charity events each year, and as a non-profit organization, donate to various veteran causes.

Our History:


CVMA Texas History:


On April 29, 2007, there were 30 Combat Vets members within the State of Texas. There were only 28 members in the State, but a misprint in the meeting minutes indicated there were 30 and the error was not discovered until after the minutes were accepted. Geographically, the membership was spread over a large part of Texas, and it was decided to have McGregor, Texas as the central location for the meeting to form the first Texas chapter.


CVMA Ft. Worth TX Chapter History:


Texas only had a few members in the early years of the association. Records indicated that no more than eight members, through 2004. Early communication was weak to say the least and members came and left the State. Several that did find each other began riding together with those members living around the DFW area. It would not be until late 2006 that a couple of members would start inquiring about the forming of a chapter in Texas. Within a couple of months, the few members in Texas agreed to come together and the Texas 23 Chapter was formed in April 2007. On August 27, 2011, the Dallas Chapter 23-1 split and Chapter 23-6 in Ft Worth was born. Since then, Chapter 23-6 has split twice forming 23-20 the Glen Rose TX "Dinosaur Valley Chapter" and 23-30 the Carter TX "Wild West" chapter.

MEMBERSHIP Information:


Specific requirements for membership are contained in the National By-laws.


Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Membership comes in three forms:



The term "Good Standing" shall be defined as any person who has fulfilled the requirements for membership in the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, who is not currently under disciplinary review or probationary status for disciplinary reasons, who has paid the necessary dues and conformed to the requirements as set forth in these bylaws.

1.  Full Member:

a) Must be of good character.

b) Who is a Veteran of a Foreign War, "Combat".

c) The ONLY Acceptable proof for membership to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is a copy of one's DD 214 or Official Military Personnel File or officer/enlisted record brief which must be surrendered to the NBOD for verification.

d) Must own and operate a Motorcycle of 500cc or above.

e) Should a full member resign, they will be given a 5-day grace period to rescind their resignation with no repercussions. After the 5-day grace period a member will have to re-apply for membership as a new member and will require NBOD approval.

f) Active members in good standing with the CVMA who become infirm, disabled or otherwise unable to ride their motorcycles will be able to keep their patch and be retired as members in good standing with the CVMA. Members must submit medical documentation and a minimum of one year as a member and/or NBOD approval is required.

g) Life members, if for health reasons can no longer ride can at their discretion, remain members in good standing with full voting privileges and can keep their patch.

h) Life membership requirements: 3 years active in the CVMA. Member must be in good standing for all three years and minimum participation of one sanctioned Combat Vets Association event per year is required. One of which must be a National meeting. Cost for life membership is $200. If a life member quits for any reason or the member is removed from the Combat Vets Association rolls for any reason, no refunds will be made.

i) Member's initial assignment of chapter will be in the State of physical residence. Once membership is approved, he or she can request in writing for a change of Chapter to the gaining and losing State Representative. Chapter affiliation to any Chapter of his or her choosing may be requested, to include a chapter in another state if that chapter is closer than the existing chapter and the losing and gaining states share a common border. If the distance is shorter, the request will be approved. The member will only have all rights as a Full Member in the State that they claim membership in

2.  Auxiliary Members:

a) Must be of good character.

b) All Auxiliary members must be a spouse, widow or widower of a member who is in good standing with the CVMA®. An auxiliary widow or widower cannot sponsor an additional Auxiliary member.

c) Must support the efforts of ALL branches of the United States of Americas Armed Forces and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

d) Will have no vote in CVMA business.

e) Cannot hold a position on the NBOD.

f) Auxiliary Life Membership requires three years active in the CVMA. Auxiliary member must be in good standing for all three years and minimum participation of one sanctioned Combat Vets Association event per year is required, one of which must be a National Auxiliary meeting. The Full member sponsor must already be a Life Member (or concurrently seeking Life Member status). Cost for Auxiliary Life Membership is $100. If an Auxiliary Life Member quits or is removed for any reason, is no longer qualified as an auxiliary member (e.g., divorce), or the sponsor member quits or is removed from the CVMA rolls for any reason, no refund will be made.

3.  Support Members:

a) Must be of good character.

b) Must own and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or greater.

c) Maximum number of support members will not exceed 10% of total Combat Vets Association full combat membership.

d) Support members must be a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

e) Support members will read and abide by all Combat Vets Association by-laws applicable to them. Sections excluded:

1. Article 5: Elections

2. Article 6: Duties of Officers.

f) Support members are required to submit their application with proof of military service through a full member of the Combat Vets Association who has held a membership for not less than one year. Support members are required to have either ridden a minimum of 3,000 miles with their sponsor, attended three Combat Vets Association events or be known by their sponsor for a minimum of 6 months. A full member submitting an application for a support member should verify they meet the above criteria. Only 1 support member can be vouched on per year by an individual CVMA member. Support members will be at a 1 to 10 ratio, 1 support member.

to 10 full members based on state.

g) Will have no vote in CVMA business.

h) Cannot hold a position on the NBOD.

i) Support members in good standing can wear a small CVMA Support Patch on the front of their vest or jacket which will be supplied by their sponsor. Support members can also wear the 10-inch support back patch which will be supplied by their sponsor.

These are the guidelines under which the CVMA operates. Any questions email

CVMA® Logo

History of CVMA Patch

The Very Beginning - A SCAM?
In the year 1999, the Combat Vets Motorcycle Club was introduced to the internet. Up until the first part of 2001 many of us were led to believe it was a true and established motorcycle organization. Through many turns of events, it was found out that CVMC was an internet scam to milk money from Combat Veterans. In the early months of 2001, many of the members found this scam out & alerted one another. Since we were all interested in the issues of Veterans, 45 members decided to form a Combat Veterans Association. After this was decided, the birth of CVMA appeared as a non-profit Association on or about May 1st, 2001 & we now will be able to continue with our main objective which is helping Veterans. The 2 main things that brought us together was motorcycle riding & being Veterans from Combat zones or theaters.

Did You Know?
A special patch was designed and is only worn by the “Original 45” members that started the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association which now numbers in the thousands. So if you see one make sure to say “Thank YOU”

In May of 2001 the CVMA adopted the CVMA/VFW patch. This was done with the VFW's ok as all CVMA members were or became VFW members and entitled to wear the VFW patch. Over the next year and a half the CVMA was well accepted at Post and Division levels with the VFW. Many meetings, conversations and letters over this period with the VFW National always sounded positive but with no results of developing a relationship.

In December 2002 the CVMA membership voted to move on towards the Association it wanted to be. Along with this VFW membership was no longer required opening the CVMA up to all Combat Veterans who ride a motorcycle.
On December 15, 2002 it was voted the CVMA would wear a combination of the CVMA® background and the old skull logo as a one piece patch. Membership requirements being a new member had to be a Combat Veteran and ride a motorcycle as a hobby. This patch is worn by Full Combat Members only.

1st CVMA® Patch
The original 45 patch for original members of the CVMA®
VFW back patch
what the colors represent
CVMA® Logo


We are always looking for new like-minded Veterans. who are willing to help our local Veteran community.  if you are interested, please hit the link and...

Our Motto!!!!

CVMA TX 23-6 is a tax-exempt 501(C) (19) nonprofit organization.

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